GeoTHERM 2018 expo & congress

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La douzième édition de GeoTHERM aura lieu les 1 + 2 mars 2018 au Parc Expo Offenburg. Le plus grand salon professionnel en Europe accompagné d'un congrès sur 2 jours avec de nombreuses conférences vous offre la possibilité de vous informer sur l'évolution du marché de la géothermie, l’énergie du futur.


Trade fair GeoTHERM recorded strong internationalization


Offenburg. Taking place for the eleventh time GeoTHERM – expo & congress confirms again its position as Europe’s biggest meeting place for geothermal energy. Exhibitors as well as visitors mark GeoTHERM as exceptional successful event. International guests from 47 nations visited the trade fair in Offenburg on 15th and 16th of February 2017. Among them visitors from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, North America, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador and Europe.


191 exhibitors (previous year 180) in the fields of Deep and Shallow Geothermal Energy could benefit from GeoTHERM to establish and strengthen contacts. Especially the combination of trade fair and congress with about 40 lectures offered the possibility to get comprehensive information. There was a general agreement that the energy revolution could only be reached with geothermal energy. The president of the federal association for geothermal energy Dr. Erwin Knapek emphasized the importance of this sustainable form of energy in his speech in the beginning of the congress. Because of the strong internationalization all speeches have been translated simultaneously into English, French and German.


This year the event has been complemented by a Latin America Symposium which has been organized in cooperation with the International Energy Agency and the International Association of Geothermal Energy. International representatives could exchange about activities, knowledge and projects in the geothermal industry of Latin America, as the countries there command enormous geothermal resources that have to be exploited long-lasting.


European Geothermal Innovation Award

The European Geothermal Innovation Award was established for GeoTHERM from the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) to honor outstanding accomplishments. This year the prize has been handed by EGEC president Ruggero Bertani to the company enOware GmbH to honor the miniaturized sensor that allows a professional planning, monitoring and measuring of near-surface heat exchangers.


The nominees in alphabetical order have been: HakaGerodur AG (Switzerland), Huisman Well Technology BV (Netherlands), Jansen AG (Switzerland) and SWM Services GmbH (Germany).


The twelth GeoTHERM will take place on 1st and 2nd of March 2018 at the Exhibition Center Offenburg.


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